Gretchen's Needle Art

As you can see by the items above, the index pictures to the left, and the samples below; you have many options. For example below you see across the top of the picture hot pads, in the center is an iPhone (cell phone) case, and the rest are napkin options. Gretchen can probably best help you via an e-mail or telephone call us at 208-861-8802. By the way, one option she is not set up to do is put names or designs on people's clothing. Give her a call or send an e-mail.

The prices vary but you can expect quotes starting at $15.00 to $20.00. By the way my (Al) favorite designs are the Lady Amherst (Atlantic salmon), Muddler Minnow (streamer) and the Wrights Royal (dry fly). To get more information from the index to the left, just click on the thumbnail, look the pattern over and then get the number from the bottom of the picture for ordering purposes.

call us at 208-861-8802. or contact us via e-mail to discuss your needs.

Embroidery by Gretchen!!
Fly Fishing Needle Art
personally sewn by Gretchen Beatty

Gretchen's Custom Embroidery

Listed below are several needle-art landscape designs that Gretchen can turn into glasses-smart-phone cases OR assorted i-Pad type cases. You will notice numbers with each design so you can get an idea what you will be ordering. Look further down the page to find some of the same bag options but with fly-fishing and fly-tying themes. If you want something special just give us a call to discuss your needs and for a quote. We will advise you on each order the timeline for delivery. Unfortuneately a wating list is a reality unless the item you want is already in inventory. Prices are based on project size and complexity. Call Toll Free or click here to order via e-mail, first come first serve. Please include your contact information (e-mail & phone number). Call us at 208-861-8802.

LandScapeAnimals LandScapeCases LandScapeQuiltedBags

1-Embroidered Land Scapes - Animals
Four sizes
= (XS)4.8" x 7.2" - (S) 5.8" x 8.8"
(M) 6.8" x 10.2" - (L) 7.8" x 11.8"

2-Embroidered Land Scapes - Cases (glasses or smart phones)
Three sizes
= (S)4.41" x 7.12"- (M)6.71" x 10.83"-(L) 7.24" x 11.68"

3-Embroidered Land Scapes - Quilted Bags (I-Pads, etc.)
Three sizes
= (S)5.7" x 8.5"- (M)6.7" x 10.0"- (L)7.8" x 11.7"



Samples of Bags

On the right and the left are sample bags with shoulder (or neck) straps that are 3 feet in length providing ample room to carry over the shoulder.

On the left is LDSB #1 (from the right-hand (#3)chart above) available in the sizes indicated below its image chart.

On the right is LDSB #12 (also from the right-hand (#3) chart above) available in the same sizes indicated below its image chart.
Notice all of the image chart items are number with a file number - the left chart all begin with "IPLND," the center chart all begin with "LEYE" and the right chart all begin with "LDSB."

Prices are listed below by size:

XS = $15.00
S = $20.00
M = $30.00
L = $40.00

Call us at 208-861-8802. or contact us via e-mail to discuss your needs.


Pattern Selection Index
(CLICK on the Thumbnail Picture below to view a larger image & identify the product number)
a-5118GreatNotions b-51186GreatNotions c-Muddler d-Rainbow50479 e-51187GreatNotions f-1045InternetWetFly


g-LF1546InternetWetFly h-N1549InternetAlexandria i-51371GreatNotions j-RC386AttractorFly k-BT3320GroupFlies i-BT3321BalboaDragon
m-BVT3322BalboaFly n-RC384BlackNoseDace o-RC387CaddisDryFly p-Z01394FFBlueCharm q-Z01395GrnHighland r-Z01393LadyAmherst
s-Leprechaun t-Z01594FishFly u-Z02107FishFly2 v-Z01739TerryCanyon w-Z01744FurnaceMatuka x-14389GreatNotions
y-FL060SuvManFly z-L1088MartinezBlack za-M2309CarrotNymph zb-L1097RoyalCoachman zc-C381OaklaMarBrown zd-FL058RoyalTrude
ze-FL048WrightsRoyal zf-StarbirdDryFlyLure zg-StarbirdStreamerLure zh-A4316Streamer zi-L1093-2Streamer zj-A4311WintersHope



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