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NEW!!! BT's Double Magic Dubbing!
Supports the LaFontaine fly-tying technique!!!

NEW!!! BT's Dubbing Kit

This dubbing kit has 12 colors of dubbing each in its own package and in its own pocket inside of a heavy-duty, Cordura pouch hand made by Gretchen Beatty. There are 6 colors of Double Magic Dubbing and 6 colors of Soft Touch Dubbing. Those colors are DM = cream, olive, ginger, black, brown & gray while the colors in ST = peacock, purple, orange, red, brown & olive. INCLUDED with the dubbing are BT's Tacky & BT's Super Tacky dubbing wax (1 tube of each) in a storeage tube for the wax OR for thread.
Price is $35.00 for the complete kit OR $15.00 for the Cordura pouch.
SH is usually about $1.75 in the continental USA.
E-mail or call toll free 1-888-243-3597.

See the LaFontaine book below for tips on using this dubbing.


Also NEW!!! BT's Tool Kit

Here is another heavy-duty Cordura pouch (black) made by Gretchen Beatty with 44 elastic loops to hold your personal tying tools. We include with the pouch 10 of our favorite tying tools. They include 2 flared standard bobbins, rotating hackle pliers, threader/half-hitch, hackle gage, brass hair stacker, gold-handle scissors, bodkin, rotating whip-finisher and a rotating dubbing loop tool.
Price is $40.00 for the pouch + 10 tools OR $20.00 for the Cordura pouch. SH is usually about $1.75 in the continental USA of the pouch only and a bit more full of tools.
E-mail or call toll free 1-888-243-3597
If you want to fill the empty loops, check the tools section of our catalog to turn your tool kit into a DELUXE fly tying tool organizer.


Al's favorite Hackle Wallet



If you are like us, you've already found traveling with (or storing) beautiful Whiting saddles can be tough on the feathers. So Gretchen built us several heavy-duty, Cordura hackle wallets sized (6.25" X 16.5") long enough to protect those beautiful feathers. You can slip 3 or 4 packaged saddles (or capes) inside OR Al's has managed to get as many as 8 saddles/capes in his wallet when they are removed from the package before placing them inside.
Price is $15.00 for the wallet. SH is usually about $1.75 when shipped in the continental USA.
E-mail or call toll free 1-888-243-3597

LaFontaine BOOKS
autographed by the Beatty's

We are the ONLY source for signed books on the Net!



We were very pleased to count Gary as one of our many friends. We worked on several projects together including a series of videos we produced under his direction. He even asked us to refine our BT’s Dubbing Wax and we developed the  Super Tacky formula for him. We were honored when he asked us to publish his last flies; it was his final request of us. Here is LaFontaine’s Legacy a book of the last patterns from the master of fly-tying innovation, Gary LaFontaine.
ONLY $27.95 Get your signed copy today!!
or call toll free 1-888-243-359


We were honored to receive the award.

We have NEW Danvises in stock!

New!!! Danvises just $99.00. Plus SH
We are selling the Danvises for a good price. This is a great opportunity to own a Danvise at a reasonable price plus USA shipping via Priority Mail ($5.85).
E-mail or call toll free (888-243-3597).

Learn to use the Danvise with this great Book by the Beattys.


After using inline rotary vises for a number of years it finally became quite clear that almost all tiers who owned such a vise really didn’t understand what this awesome tool could do. So we decided to do something about it. First there was the DVD, Rotary Tying TechniquesSeveral years later we finished the book, Rotary Fly-Tying Techniques.
ONLY $24.95 Get your signed copy today!!

SH is usally about $5.85 via Priority Mail.
E-mail or call toll free 1-888-243-3597
DANVISE and EXTENSION ARM: The Danvise is a product our company distributes for a manufacturer located in Denmark. It is a reasonably priced, inline rotary vise. We’ve used it for years as part of our commercial tying business and it has served us well. We also are the ONLY source in the US for the Extension Arm that is also resonably priced. It's important to install the Extension Arm correctly. Click here for those instructions.

PARTS: Click here for a Parts List should you need to identify a part.

REPLACEMENT JAWS: If you need a set as a replacement for a defect contact LeRoy Fly Tying Supply (the new Danvise Distributor for the USA & Canada) or e-mail them at
Adjustment of the jaws (and vise) is very important. YouTube videos below:
Vise and Jaw Adjustment: Here is a 12 minute video on adjusting the vise. The jaw adjustment sequence in near the ten minute mark.




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